Olimp restaurants is the largest and fastest growing fast casual dining restaurant chain in Poland. It offers tasty and diverse dishes of European cuisine with elements of world cuisine. The menu always includes seasonal dishes. All dishes are prepared on the spot by experienced chefs, and the rich menu (varying throughout the day) allows you to compose a balanced meal on your own. In Olimp restaurants it is the customer who decides which dishes and in what quantity will appear on his or her plate, and pays a uniform price for 100 g of food. Thanks to this, not only does he or she control the amount of the bill but also the meal is received quickly and efficiently.

The Olimp restaurant chain currently has several dozen restaurants all over the country and is constantly growing. Thanks to the Customer Card, everyone can get attractive discounts on meals. Olimp restaurants also offer discounts for students.

More information can be found at www.olimprest.pl, a blog with chefs’ suggestions and recipes at www.kulinarnydoradca.pl and on the facebook profile at the: facebook.com/restauracje.olimp.

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