Paese is the Italian word for ”land”. For us it is a land of beauty for women of all types of beauty and skin. It is a brand that places the customer’s needs at the top of its list. We offer not only products, we offer, above all, the idea – the idea of beauty, sense of value and uniqueness. The brand is created by a team of people who are passionate, committed and share their knowledge and experience.

The range of products includes make-up cosmetics available in a wide range of colours, such as: foundations, powders, eyeshadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, make-up bases, concealers, etc. In addition, our offer contains nail polish, conditioners, nail polish removers, make-up brushes and a professional care series consisting of make-up removal products, natural oils, high quality hyaluronic acid and natural body butter.

Our own production allows us to carefully select ingredients not only in terms of functionality or use but also in terms of additional care properties. All cosmetics contain natural components, vitamin complexes, oils, waxes, minerals and natural sunscreens. We make sure that the amount of active ingredients used guarantees their efficient results.

Our high quality was appreciated, among others, by the jury of Twój Styl magazine that awarded Paese the title of Excellence of the Year 2010 in the category of Polish Cosmetics, the editors of Glamour magazine chose the light foundation Beauty Cream the best foundation of the year 2016, and Make-up Trendy magazine distinguished our moisturising and caring make-up Hydrobase by suggesting it as a must-have of 2017.

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