WITTCHEN brand is a leader on the Polish market of luxury and hand-made leather products. WITTCHEN’s offer includes:  Elegance and Young handbags made of high quality natural and ecological leather, sophisticated women’s and men’s leather goods, suitcases made of durable materials, as well as women’s and men’s shoes and clothing made of the best Italian leather. Additionally, a number of other accessories, such as: ties, scarves, belts, umbrellas, office accessories and many others.

For many years, the brand has been consistently developing its range of luggage products the full scope of which is presented in the new concept of the company – Wittchen travel showroom.

In the showroom, apart from all lines of the brand's luggage products, there is also a wide range of travel accessories, such as suitcase covers, padlocks, backpacks, travel bags, travel pillows and selected lines of leather goods.

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Konsultacja i rezerwacja

Konsultacja i rezerwacja
poniedziałek-piątek: 11.00-16.00
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osobisty ze sklepu poniedziałek-sobota/niedziela handlowa 10.00-20.00
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zwrot lub wymiana do 30 dni
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na 3 dni

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